The WVIRM respects all faiths and proselytizing is prohibited.

We are working to educate and advocate for understanding and help for refugees during the current refugee crisis affecting millions of people who have been forced to leave their counties due to war, persecution, famine and other violence.

We are volunteering, advising and assisting Episcopal Migration Ministries in its Memorandum of Understanding with the W.Va. Episcopal Diocese to open, as authorized by the U.S. State Department, a new refugee resettlement office located at St John's Episcopal Church to welcome an expected 85 thoroughly vetted refugees (approx 30 families) per year, likely from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

St. John's recently prepared new office space on the third floor of its parish house, to welcome this important new ministry, beginning in August!

If you would like to volunteer or donate please let us know and email your contact information to St. John's.

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